<Stakeholder engagement>
TOKYU REIT and Tokyu REIM advance contibution towards creating a sustainable society through the establishment of a good relationship with various stakeholders. 

Information Disclosure to and Dialogue with Stakeholders

Information disclosure to and dialogue with stakeholders are implemented.

◆Major initiatives
<Major activities conducted from February 2021 to January 2022>

   Daiwa J-REIT Caravan 2021(Nagoya

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・IR Library
・individual investors

Improvement of Safety and Comfort of Tenants

Tokyu REIM has implemented various activities to improve safety and comfort of tenants.
◆Major initiatives
・Renovation of rooftop
 ・TOKYU REIT Toranomon Building (2016)

 ・Tokyu Bancho Building (2020)

・Attraction of food trucks for office workers(Tokyu Bancho Building


・Promoted disaster prevention and BCP measures (each property)

Contribution to the Development of Communities

Tokyu REIM has implemented various activities to contribute to the development of communities.

◆Major initiatives
・Installation of community bicycle (Tokyu Bancho Building, 2018)

・Installed disaster-relief vending machines (each property)
 Installed 8 vending machines that can provide goods free of charge at the time of emergency including disasters in 6 properties (as of the end of January 2022)

◆Urban Development Initiatives in Collaboration with Sponsor
Our sponsor, Tokyu Corporation, promotes development aimed at enhancing the value of areas along its railway lines in order to remain the railway of choice. In addition to promoting large-scale development projects in Shibuya and elsewhere, it strives to create environmentally friendly communities and revitalize rail-side areas, promoting next-generation urban development. In collaboration with its sponsor, TOKYU REIT is boosting the value of its investment target areas through a cyclical reinvestment model that continuously increases portfolio value by investing in the same areas as its sponsor, and a long-term investment management strategy ("Surf Plan") that focuses on the cyclical nature of real estate prices over the medium to long term.

<Example of Sponsor Collaboration>
Aim for ceaseless value enhancement in investment targeted area through division of roles with sponsor

Please refer to this page, about Tokyu Corporation's urban development business.
Please refer to this page, about TOKYU REIT’s collaboration with Tokyu Corporation and its subsidiaries.

Allocation and Development of Personnel Sufficient in Both Quality and Quantity

Tokyu REIM has emphasizied the following points under the recognition that human resources is the base of asset management and intended to strengthen organizational capability to pursue the best interests of customers by allocating and developing human resources that are sufficient in terms of both “quality” and “quantity”.
(1)Sincerity and sense of ethics
(2)Assessment ability backed by deep knowledge and insight into investment target areas and real estate
(3)Sufficient ability to communicate with stakeholders
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◆Recruitment and Hiring Strategy
<Tokyu REIM>
In line with our personnel vision to strengthen organizational capabilities through human resource development, in addition to recruiting excellent personnel from outside the company, we accept highly specialized personnel and leaders with management skills that enhance organizational productivity seconded from our sponsor Tokyu Corporation and other companies.

◆Major Initiatives
<Tokyu REIM>
 ■Performance evaluation and feedback system
  Interviews are conducted at least twice a year between supervisors and all full-time employees.
  By providing opportunities to discuss feedback on performance during the period, consult on personal
  career development and make requests to the company, we have established a well-communicated
  and transparent goal-setting and evaluation feedback system.

 ■Training program
  We conduct a variety of training for all officers and employees (including temp workers).
 ・Compliance training (including property management company and sponsor company employees
 ・Sustainability training (2021)
 ・Training by job class (expansion of online training service)

 ・New recruit training, New recruit compliance training

 <Status of Attending Training Class at Tokyu REIM(Note 1)

Item FY2020 FY2021
Officer/employee attendance rate (Note 2)


Annual hours per person (Note 3) 9.9 hours 18.1 hours
Annual training costs (Note 4) 2,107 thousand yen 2,661 thousand yen

  (Note 1)The number of officers and employees includes temp workers and excludes employees on maternity or childcare leave.
  (Note 2)Calculated by dividing the number of officers and employees who received training during each fiscal year by the number of officers and employees
      in the company at the end of each fiscal year.

  (Note 3)Calculated by dividing the total number of hours of training during each fiscal year by the number of officers and employees in the company at the
             end of each fiscal year.

  (Note 4)The amount recorded as expenses for employee training and education in each fiscal year.

 ■Support for the acquisition of qualifications
  Supported self-development of officers and employees through improved system to subsidize expenses
  for acquiring and maintaining qualifications.
 <Total number of people who used system to subsidize expenses for acquiring and maintaining qualifications>

FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021
10 24 27 13

 <Major qualifications>
  ・5 Real Estate Appraisers
  ・24 Real Estate Notaries
  ・9 ARES Certified Masters
  ・5 Certified Building Administrators
  ・4 Certified Rental Property Managers, etc.

◆Tokyu Corporation's HR Strategy and Training
Our sponsor Tokyu Corporation has set "maximizing corporate value by supporting the optimization of individuals as a reform driver" as its human resource strategy in its medium-term management plan starting in fiscal 2021. One specific initiative is its personnel development program with three pillars: development of group management personnel, support for independent career development and development of specialized staff.
Please refer to this page, about more information on Tokyu Corporation's HR development.

Creation of a Healthy Organizational Culture and Work Environment

Tokyu REIM has implemented various activities to create a healthy organizational culture and work environment.
◆Development of comfortable work environment
 ■Creation of environment that supports flexible work styles
  We strive to improve our working environment by promoting work-life balance and enhancing maternity,
  childcare and familycare leave programs so that each and every officer and employee can continue to
  work energetically.
 <Major initiatives>
・Flexible-hours system
 ・Making “taking 5 consecutive business days off” mandatory
 ・Allowing leave to be taken into one-hour minimum
 ・Established in-house rules on remote work and staggered working hours
 ・Promoted utilization of IT such as online meetings
 ・Promoted the use of NewWork (Note) (satellite office)

    (Note) Jointly used satellite shared office for corporations operated by Tokyu Corporation.

 ■Employee Satisfaction Survey (Questionnaire on Office Environment and Work Style)
  As part of our efforts to create a comfortable work environment for all officers and employees and to build
  a good relationship between them and the company, we conducted an employee (Note) survey on office
  environment and work style (FY2021 response rate: 100.0%). The results of this survey were provided to
  officers and employees as feedback, and improvements are being considered to create a better workplace
    (Note) The number of employees here includes temp workers and excludes directors and department heads.

 <Examples of Initiatives> (FY2021)
・Switched to high-performance PCs
 ・Installed monitors in internal meeting rooms

 ■Welfare Programs
    In cooperation with Tokyu Corporation, we provide our own welfare programs (non-statutory benefits) in
    addition to the legally mandated health insurance and other welfare programs (statutory benefits) to
    enhance the well-being of officers, employees and their families.

・Tokyu Group employee stock ownership program (for all full-time employees, including contract employees)
 ・Tokyu mutual aid association (operated jointly by the company and its officers and employees to provide
  various welfare programs for its members for the purpose of their mutual aid)

Examples of mutual aid association programs:
1.Medical and healthcare subsidies
  Medical benefits and health screening subsidies

2.Gift money (congratulatory or condolence money)
  Various celebratory money (for marriage, childbirth, school enrollment, etc.) and disaster relief benefits

3.Subsidized leisure activities
  Subsidies for designated recreation facilities (for lodging and other expenses at designated facilities)
  and fee discounts at preferred facilities

 ・Retirement allowance program (SME retirement allowance mutual aid organization)
 ・Childcare/familycare leave and shorter working hours beyond those required by law
 ・Employee get-togethers
◆Health of officers and employees
・Holding of health committee(Once a month
・Interview with officers and employees by industrial physicians
・Paying for the entire amount of flu vaccination expenses
・Provided COVID-19 vaccination opportunities at workplaces
・Implementation of stress check

 *As for the size of the office, there is no obligation to appoint an industrial physician or implement
  stress check, but this will be addressed as part of health management.

◆Promotion of Management Diversity

Our sponsor Tokyu Corporation has adopted a "Tokyu Corporation (Consolidated) Declaration of Diversity Management" and is working to create an organization that makes the most of its diversity thereby creating an environment where employees can fully manifest their abilities and energy.

Please refer to this page, about system for promoting diversity.
Please refer to this page, about overview of work-life balance promotion and various systems.(Japanese only)
Please refer to this page, about implementation of forums and training.

◆Correspondence with Tokyu Group Stakeholders
The Tokyu Customer Center serves as Tokyu Group's customer information contact point, accepting inquiries, opinions and requests via telephone, letter and website.
Please refer to this page, about Tokyu Customer Center.