Sustainability Policy

Tokyu REIM established a Sustainability Policy in March 2022. TOKYU REIT will work together with Tokyu REIM to promote initiatives that advance contributions to realize a sustainable society, while aiming to enhance portfolio value and maximize unitholder value.

 As the asset management company of TOKYU REIT, Tokyu Real Estate Investment Management Inc. (“Tokyu REIM”) pursues investment management with the aim of becoming a “100-year REIT (a REIT that continues to grow over 100 years).”
 Since its founding, TOKYU CORPORATION, the parent company of Tokyu REIM and the sponsor of TOKYU REIT, has a history of addressing social issues through its business activities by focusing on urban development based on railways, and it promotes its business based on its basic stance of sustainable management under the group’s slogan, “Toward a Beautiful Age.”
 With the ultimate objective of maximizing unitholder value of TOKYU REIT, Tokyu REIM has continually worked to improve the value of the portfolio and investment target areas by investing in highly competitive properties in areas with strong growth potential based on asset management that seeks to ensure growth, stability, and transparency, in addition to collaborating with TOKYU CORPORATION, the sponsor.
 As the asset management company of TOKYU REIT and as a member of the Tokyu Group, Tokyu REIM establishes the following Sustainability Policy based on the understanding that working to improve the sustainability of society is the most important issue in attaining sustainable growth and maximizing unitholder value over the medium to long term as well as in becoming a “100-year REIT.”

1.Environmental Considerations
 Environmentally friendly initiatives will be promoted such as efforts for promotion of energy conservation and utilization of renewable energy to aid the transition to a decarbonized society and respond to climate change, as well as conserving water and reducing waste to realize a recycling society. In addition, these efforts will aim to increase property value and will contribute to enhancing the value of the area and creating beautiful living environments.

2.Social Contributions
 Engaging in dialogue with various stakeholders including unitholders, tenants, business partners, local communities, officers, and employees to build relationships of trust, initiatives for formation of a sustainable society will be promoted in partnership with these stakeholders.
 Understanding that the cornerstone of asset management lies with human resources, the diversity of the officers and employees will be respected, efforts will be made to create an environment that allows flexible workstyles to be chosen, helping to maximize individual abilities, and proactive human resource development will be implemented with the aim to improve organizational capacity.

3.Establishment of Governance Structure
 Understanding that outstanding governance is the source of competitiveness, efforts will be made to secure the effectiveness of a more advanced compliance and risk management structure. As investment managers, the officers and employees will recognize their social responsibility and public duties and each of them will not only comply with laws and regulations but also adhere to high ethical standards, performing their duties sincerely and appropriately, contributing to the sustainable growth of Tokyu REIM and society.

4.Ensuring Transparency through Information Disclosure
 Efforts will be made to establish a trusting relationship and ensure transparent management by proactively and continuously disclosing timely and appropriate information about this policy and sustainability initiatives to all stakeholders.

Sustainability Promotion Committee

As part of its efforts to develop a system to continuously and systematically promote and discuss company-wide sustainability initiatives, Tokyu REIM has established the Sustainability Promotion Committee based on its Sustainability Policy.
The status of progress and achievement regarding matters discussed and reviewed by the Sustainability Promotion Committee will be reported to Tokyu REIM’s board of directors’ meeting and TOKYU REIT’s board of directors’ meeting on a regular basis.