Information Disclosure to and Dialogue with Stakeholders

 TOKYU REIT stipulates as a basic policy in its Articles of Incorporation that it will manage assets with the aim of ensuring growth, stability, and transparency, with maximizing unitholder value as its ultimate purpose. With regard to ensuring transparency in particular, in addition to statutory disclosure, it has formulated Disclosure Rules for disclosing important information deemed to be useful and appropriate for investors in a proactive, timely manner. Furthermore, Tokyu REIM has formulated a disclosure policy, Disclosure Regulations Relating to Management of TOKYU REIT’s Assets, and Detailed Disclosure Regulations Relating to Management of TOKYU REIT’s Assets (Business Guidelines) in accordance with TOKYU REIT’s Disclosure Rules. The disclosure policy is specified in the Management Guidelines and published on TOKYU REIT’s website.

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◆Major initiatives
Major activities conducted from February 2023 to January 2024

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Daiwa J-REIT Caravan 2023

Enhancing Tenants’ Safety and Comfort

 Recognizing that continuing to have properties that will be selected by tenants is essential to enhancing unitholder value, TOKYU REIT carries out various initiatives aimed at enhancing tenants’ safety/comfort and improving their satisfaction.

◆Major Initiatives

  • Promoted disaster prevention and BCP measures
  • Conducting Disaster-Prevention Training
    At properties owned by TOKYU REIT, to ensure the safety of users and the continuity of tenants’ business in the event of a disaster, disaster-prevention training is conducted regularly, and preparations are made on a daily basis in anticipation of a possible disaster.

  • Conducting Training for Tenant Employees and Mystery Shopping
    At Futako Tamagawa Rise, training and mystery shopping are conducted for the purpose of improving tenant employees’ customer service capabilities. Through these, the aim is to enhance employees’ skills as well as providing high-quality customer service that will satisfy customers who visit stores.

    <Examples of Initiatives in FY2022>
    ・Training for new employees
    ・Training for store managers
    ・Training on serving multiple customers at the same time
    ・Training on implementing personal color analysis
    ・Customer service role-play training
    ・Mystery shopping (targeting restaurants)
  • Tenant Satisfaction Surveys
    At Futako Tamagawa Rise, for the purpose of improving tenant satisfaction, satisfaction surveys are conducted with all tenant employees (no. of responses in FY2022 : 165). As well, employee feedback boxes are installed in store break rooms that allow tenant employees to regularly submit requests and opinions.
    Based on the results, training and events are held for tenant employees, improvements are made to the building environment, etc.

  • Implementing Measures for Tenant Employees
    At Futako Tamagawa Rise, based on the results of tenant satisfaction surveys, etc., various measures are implemented throughout the year to enable tenant employees to use the building comfortably.

    ・Holding film screenings
     Free film screenings are held for tenant employees

    ・Distributing complimentary passes and coupons to employees
     Complimentary passes that may be used in the facility and coupons that may be used for a limited time are distributed to tenant employees


    ・Holding Skate Garden free access event
    An event was held for tenant employees that made Skate Garden on the premises available for their use free of charge

    Holding events to distribute candy, etc.
     Various employee appreciation campaigns are conducted to express gratitude to tenant employees during busy periods such as sale seasons and the year-end.


    ・Conducting free massage campaign
    ・Carrying out renovations of employee washrooms
  • Renovation of rooftop
    TOKYU REIT Toranomon Building

    Tokyu Bancho Building

  • Attraction of food trucks for office workers(Tokyu Bancho Building


Supply Chain Management

 The sponsor Tokyu Corporation and its consolidated subsidiaries are engaged in resolving social issues through their businesses with a focus on urban development in areas served by Tokyu Railway lines. In the process of developing a wide range of businesses, they have built a diversified supply chain.
As a responsible member of the global supply chain, Tokyu Corporation recognizes that it is required to pursue initiatives related to human rights and addressing environmental issues that include not just the company itself but also the supply chain. It has therefore formulated a Sustainable Supply Chain Policy. It also shares its approach to human rights and environmental issues with its suppliers, recognizes the environmental and social risks in the supply chain relating to transactions in general (including procurement of raw materials and products), strives to identify related supply chain issues via its business activities, and engages in optimal business activities for the realization of a sustainable society. As a consolidated subsidiary, Tokyu REIM shares this policy and strives to address sustainability-related issues, including those related to the supply chain.

Sustainable Supply Chain Policy

Revised on April 1, 2023

 The Company (Tokyu Corporation) and its consolidated subsidiaries have adopted "Toward a beautiful age" as the Group slogan and share a Group mission statement: We shall strive to create beautiful living environments, in which each person can pursue individual happiness in a harmonious society.
 Under this slogan and mission statement, the Company and its consolidated subsidiaries ensure that related laws, regulations and other requirements are observed, and that fair, equitable and transparent procedures are followed based on the principle of free competition in all business dealings including procurement activities in Japan and abroad. We also recognize the need to ensure quality, set optimum prices and adhere to delivery deadlines, as well as to consider issues such as human rights and the environment, while engaging in responsible activities that help create social value and economic value throughout the supply chain.
 To work with business partners in fulfilling responsibilities to create a sustainable society as demanded by society, in this policy the Company and its consolidated subsidiaries respect international norms including the ten principles in the four areas (human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption) of the United Nations Global Compact of which the Company is a signatory, and have set forth the matters to be observed.
 The Company (Tokyu Corporation) and its consolidated subsidiaries request that the business partners associated with its businesses, products and services understand the purpose and contents of this policy and cooperate with putting it into practice.

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Supplier-Related Violations and Incidents
At TOKYU REIT and Tokyu REIM, there have been no serious supplier-related violations or incidents impacting stakeholders (FY2022).

Tokyu Group’s Contact Points for Dialogue with Stakeholders
As contact points for its customers, Tokyu Group handles inquires by phone and mail or via its website and has established the Tokyu Customer Center, which accepts feedback and requests.

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Collaboration with PM Companies

  • Conducting PM Assessments
    Tokyu REIM conducts assessments of PM supplier companies once a year for the purpose of verifying whether it will continue to do business with them. It provides feedback on the PM assessment results, and at that time, it provides guidance on making improvements for items that require improvement.
    <Main Details of PM Assessments>
    ・Structure of PM company (business stability, PM business implementation system, BCP measures, system for selecting, managing, and supervising building management companies)  
    ・PM business initiatives (tenant sales management, facility maintenance and management, asset protection management, environmental measures)
    ・PM compensation criteria
  • Holding Joint Workshops with PM Companies
    For the purpose of enhancing employees’ various specialized skills and working level and developing REIT and real estate management professionals, Tokyu REIM holds workshops led by external guest instructors for personnel in charge of acquiring and managing its properties and personnel in charge at PM companies. Furthermore, for the purpose of implementing good property management from an ESG perspective, the workshops also include content related to subjects such as properties’ environmental performance.

    <Workshops Held

    FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
    No. of workshops 1 2 4

    <Example Training Topics>
    ・Building Standards Act
    ・Building Energy Efficiency Act
    ・Basic knowledge about building equipment (energy-efficient equipment, etc.) 
    A/C workshop (2023)

Initiatives for Local Communities

 Through dialogue and collaboration with local communities, TOKYU REIT engages in various initiatives that help contribute to local communities, with the aim of pursuing development together with them.

Improving Safety and Comfort of Local Communities

  • Regional Disaster Prevention Base (Futako Tamagawa Rise)
    TOKYU REIT signed an Agreement to Collaborate on Accepting Stranded Commuters During a Disaster with Setagaya Ward, and it will keep a reserve of supplies that will cover 2,200 people in total for three days in the event of a disaster. In order to serve as a disaster prevention base if a disaster occurs, it conducts activities such as training for receiving stranded commuters once a year.

    ©Futakotamagawa Rise
  • Holding a Fun Event for Learning about Disaster Preparedness (Futako Tamagawa Rise)
    In anticipation of an emergency, the Kaeru Caravan event was held to enable locals to learn about preparing for disasters. It was easy for visitors to take part and offered an opportunity for them to learn about disaster preparedness in a fun way with the collaboration of the fire department, hospitals, and volunteer groups.

    ©Futakotamagawa Rise

  • Flooding prevention measures (Futako Tamagawa Rise)
    ・Installation of vertical damp-proof barriers

    ©Futakotamagawa Rise

    ・Installation of watertight doors

    ©Futakotamagawa Rise

    Installation of rainwater storage tanks

    Creation of Plan to Secure Evacuation and Prevent Flooding
    Creating a Plan to Secure Evacuation and Prevent Flooding during Inundation based on the Flood Prevention Act for the purpose of ensuring smooth, rapid evacuation of users when flooding occurs and preventing the flooding of properties, as well as annual simulation training and on-site training

  • Installed disaster-relief vending machines (each property)
    Installed 8 vending machines that can provide goods free of charge at the time of emergency including disasters in 6 properties (as of the end of January 2024)
  • Donating Emergency Preserved Food to a Foodbank (Tokyu REIM)
    When replacing emergency preserved food stored in preparation for a major disaster or the like, surplus food was distributed to Tokyu REIM employees (including temporary staff) and donated to Foodbank Shibuya (Note), a registered NPO.
    (Note) An NPO that aims to create a mechanism for local people to help each other through collecting food in the community and providing support to people in need.

  • Environmental Development Aimed at Creating a Walkable City (Futako Tamagawa Rise)
    Futako Tamagawa Rise is developing rules and signs to promote safety and striving to develop a safe, comfortable environment by taking steps such as eliminating illegal bicycle parking, preventing crime, and cleaning, with the aim of developing a pedestrian-friendly walkable city.

    ©Futakotamagawa Rise

  • Installation of community bicycle (Tokyu Bancho Building)
  • Developing Facilities That Consider Ease of Use for Customers (Futako Tamagawa Rise)
    With the aim of offering facilities that are comfortable for all customers to spend time in, Futako Tamagawa Rise has established a baby room equipped with water dispensers for formula, baby beds, a nursing corner, etc. inside the facility. It has also installed accessible seating and established multi-purpose bathrooms adapted to ostomates in the facility.

    ©Futakotamagawa Rise

    Please refer to this page, about information of Futako Tamagawa Rise’s facilities.

Connecting with the Local Community

  • Using the Rooftop Garden as a Venue for Learning (Futako Tamagawa Rise)
    A rooftop garden with extensive greenery covering around 6,000 ㎡ has been established at Futako Tamagawa Rise. This is inhabited by diverse flora and fauna belonging to a biological network extending from the shores of the Tama River to the greenery of the Kokubunji cliff line and Todoroki Ravine, helping to maintain and preserve the local ecosystem.

    ©Futakotamagawa Rise
  • Providing Learning Venues and Experiences for Children (Futako Tamagawa Rise)
    In collaboration with the community, venues for learning at Futako Tamagawa Rise are offered targeting local daycares, elementary schools, and general customers. These events include crop planting and harvesting experiences in the vegetable garden, skating rink rental, and art projects involving Tama Art University under industry-academia partnerships.

    ©Futakotamagawa Rise
  • Hosting the “Futakoza” Futako Tamagawa street market (Futako Tamagawa Rise)
    This regularly held market participated by over 60 vendors in total, offering everything from farm-fresh produce to processed goods and painstakingly made handicrafts, showcases the passion of local producers.

    ©Futakotamagawa Rise

◆Urban Development Initiatives in Collaboration with Sponsor
Our sponsor, Tokyu Corporation, promotes development aimed at enhancing the value of areas along its railway lines in order to remain the railway of choice. In addition to promoting large-scale development projects in Shibuya and elsewhere, it strives to create environmentally friendly communities and revitalize rail-side areas, promoting next-generation urban development. In collaboration with its sponsor, TOKYU REIT is boosting the value of its investment target areas through a cyclical reinvestment model that continuously increases portfolio value by investing in the same areas as its sponsor, and a long-term investment management strategy ("Surf Plan") that focuses on the cyclical nature of real estate prices over the medium to long term.

<Example of Sponsor Collaboration>
Aim for ceaseless value enhancement in investment targeted area through division of roles with sponsor

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Please refer to this page, about TOKYU REIT’s collaboration with Tokyu Corporation and its subsidiaries.